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SORG Insolvenzverwaltung


KÜBLER and SORG Insolvenzverwaltung are closely connected operating partners. Founded in 2011, SORG Insolvenzverwaltung specializes in corporate restructuring and insolvency administration. Established legal knowledge, complemented with expert know-how in the field of business economics, make SORG an ideal partner for KÜBLER.

Founding partner Tobias Sorg is well practised in crisis management for businesses in emergency situations, and the effective implementation of reorganization measures. Since 2004, Tobias Sorg has been tasked to handle business insolvencies relating to various fields in southern Germany as a project manager. Since 2006, he has regularly been appointed by the court to be an insolvency administrator. In that position, he has been responsible for the successful continuation and restructuring of a large number of businesses which he managed to sell to investors as going concerns. In that context, SORG Insolvenzverwaltung is experienced in drawing up insolvency plans including their execution and supervision.

Due to the close links established between them, KÜBLER and SORG are able to set up expert teams even at short notice. These teams can operate on a national level to give either support in insolvency proceedings or counsel business clients, whenever this is required, and whatever legal issues may be concerned.