KÜBLER – the Insolvency Administrators

KÜBLER is one of the most efficient companies specializing in restructuring advisory and insolvency administration.


Since 1974, the founder and namesake Dr. Bruno M. Kübler and his partners have been in charge of over 5,000 corporate insolvency proceedings. KÜBLER is characterized by its local presence, with the capabilities and the know-how of a modern law firm, which is active throughout Germany. The flexibility, the knowledge and the experience of all its staff are a decisive factor for the success of the firm. Everyone is an expert in their field, always acts in favor of the creditors and is passionately committed to the reorganization and the preservation of companies.


Insolvency Administrators at KÜBLER

The personality of insolvency administrators, their know-how, their commitment, their knowledge and abilities are decisive for the success of insolvency proceedings. Moreover, essential factors for a successful insolvency administration are a reliable and nationally connected organization, as well as sound and up-to-date expert knowledge of the insolvency administrators, lawyers and employees.

KÜBLER provides its insolvency administrators with structures and instruments enabling them to focus on the important issues.

In addition, teamwork, continuous up-to-date knowledge, consequent quality management and modern information technology are essential for a modern and goal-oriented insolvency administration.



As the first nationwide active German firm of insolvency administrators, KÜBLER received ISO 9001 and InsO 9001 certifications for all its locations. The InsO Excellence certificate, which was obtained in 2011, demonstrates that KÜBLER fulfills the highest quality standards concerning the handling of corporate insolvency proceedings and restructuring mandates.


As a member of the VID expert group (Registered Association of Insolvency Administrators), KÜBLER was given the opportunity to contribute its extensive experience to the process of establishing the “Principles of Proper Insolvency Administration”. The VID-accredited certificate (VID Cert*) confirms and attests that these principles and professional standards are observed and being met in practice.



* Managing Partner: Dr. Bruno M. Kübler