With the foundation of his law office in Cologne in 1975, Senior Partner Dr. Bruno M. Kübler establishes the partnership, which operates under Kübler Rogier & Partner GbR (KRP) until 2002. In the following years, the law firm expands strongly in the area of insolvencies but also in the area of commercial law and litigation.


KRP grows quickly to a renowned partnership of lawyers, insolvency administrators, accountants and tax consultants. The counseling service and legal representation covers virtually all areas of commercial law.



Dr. Kübler and other European insolvency experts establish the insolvency administrator association INSOL Europe. He is one of the organization’s vice presidents for more than ten years. For three consecutive years, from 1992 to 1994, he is the president of the organization consisting not only of lawyers and insolvency practitioners but also of restructuring advisors.



Senior partner Dr. Kübler ranks among the founders of the Gravenbrucher Kreis, an association of nationwide acting insolvency administrators with acknowledged experience in the field of corporate restructuring. Dr. Kübler takes over the role of the association’s spokesman until 1998.



Immediately after the German reunification, KRP takes the strategic decision to expand its field of activity to Berlin and the former GDR states. The office in Berlin becomes the central location for bankruptcy proceedings in Brandenburg. At the same time, the firm’s practice in litigation and commercial law expands significantly.



Opening of the KRP’s office in Dresden from which numerous major insolvency proceedings are managed over the years.



Opening of a new location in Halle with a focus on insolvency administration.



The law firm expands by opening new offices in Chemnitz and Erfurt.



A strategic realignment of KRP takes place in Dresden. Counseling service and legal representation are expanded, in particular in the areas of employment law, banking law, corporate law, mergers and acquisitions and real estate law.



Opening of an office in Frankfurt/M.



Opening of a joint office in the cities of Leipzig and Halle.



The firm rebrands itself the name of its founder and senior partner: KÜBLER. The law firm BREITENBÜCHER merges with KÜBLER.


Offices in Solingen and Munich are opened.



The partnership expands its sphere by opening new offices in Stuttgart, Hannover und Bad Köstritz. The office in Solingen is relocated to Wuppertal.



KÜBLER boosts activity by opening additional offices in Freiburg, Hamburg, Nuremberg and Passau.



KÜBLER opens an office in Mannheim.



In addition to the office in Freiburg, KÜBLER establishes an office in Offenburg to manage insolvency proceedings in the area of Baden. In November, activities are started in offices in Essen and Mönchengladbach.



Opening of an office in Ravensburg. KÜBLER and Dr. Rogier amicable terminate their long-standing partnership.



The firm joins the worldwide association International Lawyers Network (ILN) with headquarter in New York.



KÜBLER relocates the office in Bad Köstritz to Gera and widens the sphere of activity by opening offices in Düren and Kassel.


The lawyer, tax consultant and business mediator Sebastian Laboga is appointed managing partner.



KÜBLER starts with a new office in Bochum.



KÜBLER opens an office in Ulm and enters into a cooperation with the law office SORG Insolvency Administration under the leadership of Dipl.-Wirtschaftsjurist and insolvency administrator Tobias Sorg.



The “Gesetz zur weiteren Erleichterung der Sanierung von Unternehmen (ESUG)” comes into force on March 1, 2012. As a result, KÜBLER establishes an office in London in order to facilitate the constructive dialogue with foreign major creditors, in particular with Anglo-American creditors from the real estate sector operating in London.


Attorney-at-law Ursula Bergermann, long standing Head of Restructuring at Hessische Landesbank (HELABA), joins KÜBLER as Of-Counsel.


Due to the change of market conditions by ESUG, KÜBLER centralizes smaller offices to localize knowledge and expertise. In this context the offices in Freiburg and Offenburg are relocated to the new office in Karlsruhe. The Landshut office is integrated into the Munich office. The office in Heilbronn joins the Stuttgart office and the Gera office merges with the bigger location in Erfurt.



Opening of an office in Dortmund.



KÜBLER opens an office in Wiesbaden.



Opening of an office in Bremen.



Opening of a new location in Rostock.



In consequence of a recent Federal Court decision, the local proximity of an insolvency administrator´s office to the competent insolvency court is no longer required. For that reason, KÜBLER now concentrates on 15 locations operating on a supraregional level. Thus the professional and efficient handling of proceedings and co-operation with insolvency courts shall be further improved.