Insolvency Plan Proceedings

The implementation of insolvency plan proceedings as an sensible economic restructuring alternative to an asset deal has already been proven in the last years and has become more important since the ESUG came into force. As an amicable accomplishment of insolvency proceedings, the insolvency plan often legitimates by better prospects of satisfaction compared to winding-up proceedings or an asset deal. It enables flexible solutions for coping with insolvency proceedings and can ensure the preservation of the current legal entity. For this reason, a timely creation and an efficient execution of the insolvency plan in close co-operation with all creditors, debtors and the court, is an essential prerequisite.


The characteristics of a successful insolvency plan arise not only from the relevant provisions of the Insolvency Code, but also involve experience in preparation and execution of insolvency planning as well as a wide acceptance of the plan among all stakeholders.


Even before the ESUG came into force, KÜBLER was able to achieve outstanding success in numerous company insolvency proceedings due to the extensive experience in the creation and implementation of insolvency plans.